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When the anticipation of success derails productivity, use this emotional remedy.

Using EFT to let go of excitement and focus on executing the plan.

I found a great partner!

I have a great idea!

We are aligned and on the same page ready to build something spectacular!

We have a plan! We know what we need to do!

And instead of focusing on taking the first step towards building out our business/project, I notice my mind going into the future, and focusing on the money that we are ‘going to make’, and what I am ‘going to spend’ it on.

The paradox is that the more focus I place on these thoughts and feelings of what I am going to do with the future money, the longer it is going to take to get there, because every moment that I spend in these thoughts, is a moment that I could be taking action on what is needed to get me there.

Struggling with these types of feelings and patterns of thoughts is common in high achieving entrepreneurs and businessmen.

On one end of the spectrum, it can breed over-working and anxiousness, to do-do-do and get there faster. On the other end, it can create a down-vibe paralyzed feeling of thinking that the road to get there is too long and hard, and you want to be celebrating already and not have to do ‘the work’.

For me personally, this type of thinking stemmed from certain areas of being a child, in school, and being assigned a project:

“Once I am done this project, I can play! Once I finish my final exams, I can celebrate for 3 months straight of summer!”

There may be other areas where these thoughts have been created as well.

Here is the solution:

A 7 minute, interactive video, using EFT, to unwire the neuropathways that are creating this way of thinking.

Please tap, on your own face & body, the same points I am tapping in the video, to let go of the excitement, and focus on the path that is going to get you to your goal.

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