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About ChrisTOPHER 

From the time I was a teenager, I have been immersed in the entrepreneurial world. Knowing from a young age that I wanted to work for myself, I decided to take matters into my own hands. After starting and selling my first business called Electronic Express (in Toronto, Ontario where I grew up), I took a one way trip to Hermosa Beach, California, where I opened a restaurant on the Pier.

A couple ventures later, I discovered one of my true passions: Building products & teams, and most importantly, creating engaging brands with viral My Prohven™ videos. On a shoestring budget with a small group of close childhood friends and new recruits, I created an agency called Project Copilot where my team and I would help incubate ideas into actual products with successful launch campaigns to catapult them into the market place.

A couple of years later, my team and I decided to take the process we had curated to launch other brands and apply it to our own. The common ground between the group of us was the mutual commitment to grow our beards until we hit our version of success. That’s when the idea for The Beard Club was incepted – a subscription men’s grooming box company. We applied our Prohven™ formula for video creation to build a massive community around our brand, and quickly converted our audience into paying members. Through our organic reach alone, we pulled in over $10,000,000 in sales – within our first year of business!

Before my 30th birthday, my Prohven™ videos generated over 100 million video views and my businesses brought in $30,000,000 in revenue. I also landed a deal on ABC’s hit TV show, Shark Tank, which you can watch here.

I have perfected the formula for producing viral videos. Using the Prohven™ formula, I created a extensive base of raving customers, bringing in enormous returns on their investment. Video is the future of content, and my mission is to change the way that companies interact with potential customers. To lead this movement, I created a media & events company called Unconscious Content, through which we have already changed marketing forever, and for the better.

I added the above biography because we all get inspired by people that have a carved out a path similar to the one we wish to walk. I am here to facilitate motivation, offer guidance, and provide useful tools. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink: So enough about my dream, let us talk about yours.

What are you here for? Do you have an intention for what you are going to accomplish? To get here, you may need to ask yourself, what scares you the most?

In turn, your biggest aspirations will likely surface. Unless we are willing to look deep into the dark shadows of our soul, we are not going to achieve our dreams.

Be brave, be focused, and commit – the Gold that lies within your potential will be mined.

Your thoughts and words affect your vibration. Being aware of this spiritual science will aid you in attracting love, living healthy, generating passive income, and give your life balance. Find work that fulfils your greatest purpose, play that allows you to feel like a kid, and love that ignites passion with the people you are closest to. Polish your inner diamond, and unveil the truth of your legacy.

There is no learning to be done, but rather a finite amount of unlearning to do. There is no trying, only doing. ‘A wiseman learns from the mistakes of others, while a fool learns from his own.’ Following this Jedi mindset, and learning from where I went wrong, will help you avoid common pitfalls and fast forward your rise to the top.

Breathe deep, feel your bliss, and stay present.

Your friend,


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